Indoor Treasure Hunt

Fun and diversified challenges set in flexible location such as office, hotel or large mall (MBS).  This indoor challenge brings interactivity leveraging mobile technology. Throughout the game, participants have to find answers as a team.

This activity can be customised around specific there or to meet particular learning objective.

Event Structure

After our facilitator described the objectives and the  activity to the participants. The group is organised in teams.

The teams are required

  1. to locate challenges;
  2. launch the challenges in series of 5 – 10 questions to address. They are very varied: creative photos/ videos, cultural quizz…
  3. Good answers earn points

The teams of 5-6 members compete against each other. Participants use our proprietary mobile app synchronised team / team.

The activity stimulates learning, fun teamwork, collaboration and communication.

Venue : Large Mall (the Shoppes @ MBS), Resort and Hotel, Office,…

  • Group Size

    from 10 to + 200 pax

  • Characteristics

    Indoor, Low to medium physical activity

  • Main focus

    Collaboration + Learning + Creativity

  • Duration

    Duration is 1.5 hrs to 2.5 hrs (depending on requirements)